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thomas brinkmann / reverb, toronto / 09/11/07

Legendary, Thomas Brinkmann rocked Toronto the other night at another well done Pusher hosted event. The evening took place at the Reverb, which is a bit of a grungy place and not normally used for electronic music events, but it's amazing what you can do in a dark space with quality visuals. The evening felt like a bit of a reunion for me, as it reunited all the techno lovers of the city, which was cause for celebration in itself. Wabi also contributed greatly to the nostalgia, as they hosted a second room that was clearly the place to be. Dj Ozawa and Nitsuji created a happy dancing party room and spun many favourite classics. Thomas Brinkmann's spirits were also running high as he was having a great time on stage which rubbed off on all the dancers. What a great night, now the next highlight will be Alex Smoke December 15th.
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I love these. I wanna be this guys friend.

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